Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

Blood Flow Restricted Rehabilitation

Personalized blood flow restriction rehabilitation is a new advanced technology to help you recover quicker after surgery or injury. It dramatically improves muscle strength, endurance, and activation while simultaneously diminishing atrophy and strength loss from disuse or non-weight bearing after injury.

Blood flow restricted (BFR) rehabilitation is the brief occlusion of venous blood flow while exercising. Using this technique, you can exercise with significantly lighter weight while still getting the growth and strength response you would normally get from heavy weights.

The goal is to reduce enough blood flow to create positive changes. Every person is unique, so we use a specialized tourniquet system with built in monitors to account for different variables. 

Once your personalized pressure is determined you will begin a specific exercise based on your rehabilitation needs. You’ll use a light weight, but your muscles will feel like they’re working hard. This feeling is the buildup of lactate in the muscles and is the desired response. Your heart rate may increase and you may also sweat as though you’re doing a heavy workout. This is common.

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After your BFR training session many positive effects can occur. There will be an increase in growth hormone as well as other anabolic muscle growth factors. Additionally, there will be an increase in muscle protein synthesis (your muscles ability to grow). Proper nutrition following BFR training is critical to maximize these effects. We will discuss this with you prior to your session.

Adverse side effects are rare. The most common side effects are residual swelling in the limb, muscle fatigue, and soreness. These usually resolve within 24 hours. 

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