Impact Athlete of the Week 1/21/20: Kaden Stanton

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This week we have three basketball players nominated for Athlete of the Week. Two are from Morris and one is from Beggs. Vote for the athlete you think deserves to win!

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Kaden Stanton wins Athlete of the Week! Congrats, Kaden!!

Impact Athlete of the Week winner, Kaden Stanton, pictured with high school principal and Michael Siegenthaler.


  1. Do you like LeBron James do you like Michael Jordan what about Billie Jean King or Serena Williams if you said yes to one of those or all of them then you should vote for Emily Wallace because what do all of them have in common there all the goats of their respective sports and Emily Wallace is on her way to being the goat. So vote for Emily Wallace

  2. Emily Wallace about broke my ankles back in 2012. Being a guy and a pretty good basketball player myself, I was quite embarrassed. Had to stop hanging out with her brother because I thought she would ask to rematch. Not a chance!

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