Can my diet make my back pain better?

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Back pain affects most adults and limits quality of life. Usually, people are given the option of pain medication or physical therapy, and sometimes surgery to help with the pain. What if you could take your pain into your own hands and do something about it?

According to a recent study, the food you eat CAN positively or negatively affect your back pain!

I can see the headlines now: “Donuts, pizza, and soda can help back pain!” That would explain the long line at the donut shop this morning. Sadly, it’s not those foods that can help. That’s wishful thinking.

There IS something YOU can do, though! This study found that people who suffered from back pain had a poorer quality diet than those without back pain. Those with back pain ate LESS protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products. They ate MORE salt, unhealthy fats, and sugars. Things like donuts, pizza, and soda!

Additionally, the study found that the type of sugar consumed correlated with back pain. People had less pain when they consumed natural sugars from fruits and more pain when they had added sugars.

Other studies have linked diet quality with other painful conditions such as arthritis and migraine headaches.

Take away point:  Make a choice to eat healthier foods and you may enjoy life with less pain.

The USDA has resources to help with this:

If you have questions about nutrition and pain, please contact us so we can help make a positive IMPACT on your health and wellness!

– Kris Siegenthaler, OTR/L, MS, CHT, CLT


Zick, Suzanna Mariaa,*; Murphy, Susan Lynnb; Colacino, Justinc Association of chronic spinal pain with diet quality, PAIN Reports: September/October 2020 – Volume 5 – Issue 5 – p e837 doi: 10.1097/PR9.0000000000000837.


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