IMPACT Rehab and Wellness Programs

Foundations of Fitness Class

This class is for anyone wanting to start a strength and conditioning program, but isn't sure what to do or where to start. The class will focus on improving overall movement quality, building a fitness base, and instruction on proper exercise technique.  The class will be a small group format and will be limited to 4-6 participants per class.

Each person will start with an evaluation by one of our therapist that includes movement and strength assessment and health/nutrition assessment.  Your individualized exercise program will be custom developed for your unique medical history and current physical abilities to promote success with an exercise program.

The class will be open to participants 2 times a week for a 3 month program and clients will be progressed to meet their individual fitness and health goals.  The goal at the end of the program is to progress to a community based program such as the YMCA or local gym.


Initial assessment including health/nutrition screening - $89

Monthly fitness class including 1 time a month nutrition class - $80/month

Optional: Additional 3 months of exercise programming at end of program - $60

Fitness and Wellness Introduction

For those unable to attend a weekly class

Our Fitness and Wellness Introduction includes a movement and strength assessment, brief nutrition screening with recommendations for a customized exercise program developed for your unique medical history, current physical abilities and health goals.  Two brief follow up sessions will be included to progress your program or answer any questions.


Fitness and Wellness Introduction - $165

Nutrition for Wellness

Individual or group sessions will be available to learn general nutrition to promote health, wellness and weight loss.  This is not a program for medical diets such as diabetes management. Participants will learn about nutrient dense and anti-inflammatory foods, portion guidelines and realistic ways to promote improved health through making better diet choices.  Resources will be given on recipe ideas and meal planning.


Nutrition for Wellness Initial Assessment and 2 follow up 30 minute sessions: - $ 165

1 hour Nutrition Group (4-6 individuals) - $ 30 per person 


“I finished my physical therapy, NOW what do I do to maintain the benefits and continue to get better?”

The Therapy Aftercare program provides an answer, helping to transition former patients from therapy to improved fitness while decreasing re-injury risk.  The customized program helps to improve an individual’s quality of life by maintaining and improving the strength, endurance and flexibility that is essential for wellness.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is it?

The aftercare program serves to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness. The goals of the program include improving fitness level and preventing injury.

  • Who would it be helpful for?

If you have completed physical therapy, but still are not “back to normal”.

If you would like to continue to progress your exercise program with professional supervision.

If you feel like you have gotten better and want to prevent yourself from “going backwards”.

  • What problems would you recommend it for?

If you have continued weakness, limited endurance or stiffness and would like to improve, this program would be beneficial for you.  The program is customized to your specific problem areas and your abilities.

  • Is there an age range?

Any age is accepted and anyone under the age of 18 will need parental consent.

  • Is there a required amount of sessions?

From our experience we believe in order to gain the most benefit from the services we recommend 2-3 sessions per week for 2-3 months, but other options are available.

What is the cost of sessions?

The Aftercare program cost is not covered by insurance.

One Month: $50

Two Months $95

Three Months: $135