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The kettlebell is a popular exercise implement that takes advantage of whole body, functional movements as a means of strength and conditioning as well as movement control and re-education. By its nature, most kettlebell exercise techniques utilize angular forces and movements which are congruent with the body’s natural mechanics.

Kettlebell exercises also lend themselves to be restorative and therapeutic; making them a keen choice for rehab therapy clinicians looking to add an effective, dynamic, and fun option to their repertoire.

There have been many claims since the early 2000s on the rehabilitative and human performance benefits of kettlebell exercise.

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This course will dive into the facts and fiction of kettlebell exercise, the utility of kettlebells in the world of physical rehabilitation, and will include a strong focus on laboratory learning of participants — demonstrating and teaching kettlebell exercises at a foundational level to be able to bring kettlebells as a treatment option into their practices.

The aim of the course is to cover not only the fundamentals of kettlebell exercise, but the common conditions and diagnoses a clinician may find appropriate to include kettlebells as part of the plan of care for rehabilitation of low back pain, lower extremity injuries, shoulder instability considerations, and sports injuries — just to name a few.

This course will also include discussion, brainstorming of kettlebells integrated into daily practice, general questions and answers, as well as a physical experience in interval style exercise and training effects.

Kettlebell Therapy Continuing Education Courses are NOT a Sit Down Experience!

As the world of kettlebells also crosses over with strength, power, injury prevention, fall protection, and martial arts — these aspects, as it pertains to both kettlebells and physical rehabilitation, will also be explored across patient demographics and treatment populations.

This will not be a sit down with lecture slides course. Expect to exercise, get moving, experiment with variations, and engage in use case discussions.

About The Instructor

From Feb 25th, 2020 article on Kettlebell Krusher

Ben Fung is a Physical Therapist based in San Diego, California. He currently serves as chief operations officer of UpDoc, Inc. a business consulting firm that specializes in marketing, workforce intelligence, and employee engagement — talent acquisition and retention. He is also chief financial officer of Recharge, an investor-backed CrossFit-Physio hybrid, with a mission to redefine the health care experience by breaking down the silos of medicine, health, fitness, and wellness.

As a physical therapist, he has experience in various clinical settings from acute care hospitals to community wellness to rural home health. His present professional focus is optimizing company and investor growth in various industries, including health care, health-tech, human resources, and marketing.

He received a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Michigan, doctor of physical therapy degree at Azusa Pacific University, and a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering and psychology at the University of California, San Diego. Fung is recognized as a research pioneer of contemporary kettlebell exercise, popularly seen in boot camps and CrossFit gyms, a subject matter expert in digital marketing and branding, and is a lifelong student of martial arts, with recent studies in Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Currently, his adventures include stretching the limits of day hike trail runs (such as the 5 Peaks Challenge, local to him), and rucking based challenge events such as the GORUCK Challenge.

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