Chapter 2: Slow Start

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It’s been a week since my first post. I’ve been amazed by how many people have reached out, saying they feel the same way about exercising. I knew I wasn’t alone! I might start an anti-working out group, where we all just complain about exercising while exercising. Seems like it could be a fun time. I worked out one day last week, so cheers to me! One day is better than no days, right?!

The truth is, I worked out Tuesday and then we lost a loved one unexpectedly that evening. All thoughts of working out went right out the window. Honestly, last week was the hardest week of my life…and it’s still not over. Grief is complicated and ugly. It’s easy to see how people fall into depression during these times and simply give up. Thankfully, I don’t have that luxury.

I came to work last Thursday and Friday as a distraction. I had every intention of working out…but I was suffering from an injury. You might be thinking, “Oh wow, she worked out so hard on Tuesday she got hurt”. I would love to say that I went all out and my body just couldn’t handle it. That would be hardcore. Instead, I slept. I did the one thing I can always count on and it betrayed me. I literally could not turn my head. Perks of working for a physical therapist is that they can fix you. Michael worked his magic, but it was still a slow recovery. So here I am, one week later, and I’m going to try working out again.

Things I noticed during my workout:

  • I am out of shape!
  • Cardio is my enemy (more on that later).
  • I will procrastinate as long as I possibly can.
  • I got slower as the sets progressed.

Things I noticed after my workout:

  • My legs were sore.
  • I was completely out of breath.

Cardio is the devil’s workout!

Seriously, cardio is the WORST! Michael programmed my Tuesday workout to end with a 10 minute ride on the assault bike (not even going to get into the fact that it has “assault” in the name). I didn’t have to sprint, only ride the bike at a leisurely pace for 10 minutes. Sounds simple enough, right?! I cannot tell you how bored I was! One minute into the bike ride and I was begging to stop (literally, I looked at the timer and it had only been a minute). One of my big complaints about working out is that I find it unbelievably boring. As long as I’m doing short exercises with weights and changing up what I’m doing, I’m good. Make me bike for 10 minutes and I turn into a whiny toddler. It’s just so boring!

I managed to negotiate my time from 10 to 5 minutes, so that was an accomplishment. That 5 minutes sucked, though! I was so out of breath when I got done. I would’ve been embarrassed if I had had the energy. As it was, I was exhausted. I plopped down in my chair at my desk and chugged some water. That was the end of workout # 1.

Picture of Lacie either slowly running or doing an impression of a T-Rex. We aren't sure which.
In case you need more proof, here’s another picture of me hating “running”. Coincidentally, it’s a pretty good impression of a T-Rex!

Since I didn’t do my second workout last week, I’ll be repeating the first workout again today. I’m trying to keep the workouts to Tuesday and Thursday. At some point I’ll be adding some rucking into the mix. Today, I’m doing a modified version of what will be my normal Tuesday workout. This is mostly because my neck & shoulder still aren’t 100%, but also because I just don’t want to do the full workout. I’m not feeling it today. I said I was going to keep it completely honest, right? This is definitely a slow starting process, but at least I’ve started. You have to start somewhere. 

“Live Long & Prosper” – Spock

– Lacie

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