Exercising Post COVID-19

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Getting back into shape after COVID-19 can be a struggle. How can you get back to having an active lifestyle and regain your quality of life? Following a few tips can make it an easier transition.

First, you may consider talking to a doctor or your primary care physician before engaging in high level activities. This is especially recommended if you were hospitalized, or had heart complications, due to Covid. Listening to your body when you are taking part in physical activity is important. Your body will know when it has had enough! Build up endurance and weight training gradually. Don’t forget to also rest your body! Resting will avoid overexertion.

Many of you may be eager to get back to your old self, but remember, returning to your previous level of fitness will depend on the severity of your COVID-19 case and symptoms. To help optimize your body while getting back into shape: stretch, drink water, and have a well rounded diet with fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, and whole grains.

How do I ease back into working out?

You can start by exercising at 50% of what you did before the period of inactivity, then slowly build up to pre-Covid levels. For instance, if you ran four miles each day, start by running two and go from there. If you lift weights, reduce the frequency of sessions, sets, and repetitions, and increase your exercise-to-rest ratio. These are safe ways to be active, but not overdo it.

If you find yourself struggling to get back to where you were, you may need physical or occupational therapy from Impact Rehab & Wellness! We can help prepare a specialized exercise program to help you recover and get your body back!

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