Joint Pain — Common, But Not Normal

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Did you know…

There are 360 joints in the human body!

If you are having joint pain, why? What can you do to relieve it?

Joint pain can be caused by arthritis, bursitis, or inflammation. So, what caused the inflammation? Injury or trauma? Repetitive activity? Exercising incorrectly? Or it could be… foods that are high in sugars?!

Doctors can do special tests to determine the amount of inflammation in your body. They may recommend lifestyle changes, weight management, or medication.

How can we help?

Physical and occupational therapists can help further your understanding of the source of joint pain. Answering questions like, what is your general exercise routine, what movements could harm your joints, how is your flexibility/mobility, what is supportive or harmful to your joints, can help devise a plan to decrease joint pain and inflammation.

At Impact Rehab & Wellness we can take a look at these symptoms and determine a strategy to help you!

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